"Define your own beauty!"

This video is not only so touching but it is desperately needed into today’s society. In a society where beauty is defined by physical features based on social media, movies, and beauty magazines. In a society where little girls are being taught at a young age beauty is defined by the color of your skin or the texture of your hair. What’s beauty to me? ‪#‎BeautyIs‬ The idea that you’re inner self is content by touching someone else’s inner self; the idea that good actions are done because you want to do it, not because you desire reciprocity; the idea that you are happy in your skin and no one else can tell you anything different.

Kiari Sophia

P.S. That’s a new name change. Being called a Princess doesn’t mean anything when you should be treated like a Queen. 

"Red, white, blue’s in the sky. Summer’s in the air and heaven’s in your eyes…" fits perfect with the celebration going on today! Happy Memorial Day, peeps! 

"National Anthem" by Lana Del Rey is a sure way to put everyone in a great mood. To the ear, "National Anthem" is beyond genius. The soothing beats, the consistent background singers, and of course, Lana’s unique voice, can all cause for this song to be on every playlist. I don’t care if your lax playlist, your sad playlist, or your “I wanna have a great night” playlist. 

The video to the eye is just as important. The 1960s cinematography is angelic. Lana knows how to throw in subliminal messages to get attention. You work, Lana.


Is this really my first post?

Lord knows when I actually made this tumblr page. I don’t even remember. But I’ve decided that today, on this gloomy Saturday, that I’d write my first post. 

I’ve always wondered to myself what I would write about. At first, I wanted to just post pictures of fashion runway shows. Kind of cliche for a Retail Merchandising major, right? Then I thought, what if I just speak my mind on my everyday life? But what makes me different than the next blogger, who wants to know about my life?

Finally it came to me! I’ll write about my biggest interests: Pop culture and fashion. Maybe they’ll parallel each other, maybe my posts will be one or the other, or maybe I’ll be updating you on what’s new. Whether it be pictures, texts, or videos, I promise to not disappoint. This is about You and I; let me help you get engaged and in the know! 


P.S. You’ll find out what the PK stands for … ONE day.